Inside SWT

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Goodbye **early access** for Mac cocoa

The SWT team has been working really hard to complete the Mac cocoa port for Eclipse 3.5. As is typical with these things, about 95% of the code works but it's the last 5% that makes all the difference. What's in the 5%? The usual crashes, performance problems and stupid bugs that make things look bad, when in fact they are pretty good.

Here are some bugs that have been fixed recently for Eclipse 3.5 M5 (253227, 260929, 261854 and my personal favourite 251021). Some didn't make it because there wasn't enough time to get to them (260592) but we'll be looking into them and more for M6.

Special thanks go to the committers Kevin Barnes, Grant Gayed, Scott Kovatch, Silenio Quarti and Felipe Heidrich as well as the community for testing and reporting bugs. We aren't done yet. As more people start running the code, we're going to see more problems and more crazy fixes in the code.

Stay tuned!