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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Ok community, blow your brains out

As many of you know, a ton of Mac cocoa work was taking place over the last two weeks. We have now folded the lot from the cocoa_work stream into HEAD. At this point, despite the astounding progress that was made (including porting the browser), there is no more time to work on it.

Right now, by commenting out NSObject.release() and using dark magic to get around the fact that there is no launcher, Eclipse comes up. Obviously, we are freeing something we shouldn't and crashing because of it. As you can imagine in a prototype that was developed so rapidly, there are many bugs and unimplemented features but ... holy shit, Eclipse starts.

Please contact us on platform-dev-swt to find out how you can help.



  • I'd love to help out with whatever minimal time I can find.

    By Blogger AlBlue, at 9:42 AM  

  • Although I suspect it's going to work a lot better if I send mail to platform-swt-dev ...

    By Blogger AlBlue, at 9:47 AM  

  • Why not just use switch to Objective-C 2.0 and use garbage collection (and all the other new neat features available in it)

    There isn't any real reason to support OS X versions prior to Leopard, since the SWT on Carbon exists and can continue to be used there.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:30 PM  

  • Right now we only support Leopard.

    Garbage collection?!?! Sure go ahead and turn it on, delete all our free's and see if we still crash.


    By Blogger Steve, at 1:12 PM  

  • I haven't had a chance to try GC for the native libs yet, but I just wanted to say this:

    The new Cocoa stuff ROCKS!

    It's much easier to fix things than previously, which lead to some of your first patches.

    I've attached patches to bugs 190983 and 86745 that fixes a long standing annoyance for me. It's a single line code change to automatically hide the scrollbars in tables and trees if they are not needed.

    By Blogger Unknown, at 3:45 AM  

  • I tried getting garbage collection going but couldn't do it. I'm not sure if there is some special magic needed to get it working in a JNI lib but simply adding -fobjc-gc-only to the makefile didn't do the trick. With that flag present all release messages should be ignored but one still causes a crash...

    By Blogger pookzilla, at 11:53 AM  

  • Never mind. The crash is fixed.

    By Blogger Steve, at 5:41 PM  

  • Nice if SWT for Cocoa can run on tiger as well.. what about 10.3x ?

    By Blogger 勇感的大雄, at 3:56 AM  

  • Is this platform-dev-swt or platform-swt-dev ?

    By Blogger Michael Franz, at 12:10 AM  

  • It's platform-swt-dev. I got it backwards

    By Blogger Steve, at 9:16 PM  

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